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Morgan Campbell
Maman, Doula, Woman
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Ohio native, Morgan Campbell began her journey and what later became known to her as a Doula from an early age. Her first work as a “Doula” began when she was a teenager caring for a baby who was terminal ill. Alongside the mother and grandmother, Morgan babysat and cared for the beautiful baby until her passing before the age of 1. That is when Morgan truly feels her work and calling as a Doula began.


After college, Morgan began working as nanny primarily for newborns. Her love of babies and helping families during this critical time has always been something she feels is ingrained within her since birth. After many years as a nanny, she felt the need for something more, something deeper that could help more than just one family. That is when Morgan decided to train with DONA International as a Birth and Postpartum Doula, under the incredible Ana Paula Markel (Founder of Binibirth and President of DONA Intl’) and Katherin Auger (Postpartum Doula, DONA Postpartum Trainer, RN).

Since her Doula training, Morgan has worked with and helped educate numerous families in the Los Angeles and New York area. Her passion for Postpartum work and helping families during this new time in their life is immeasurable. Just ask the families she has worked with and you will understand the knowledge and love she has for what she does.


Morgan currently lives in Los Angeles, CA with her son Kenzo.  

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